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Japanese Charcoal



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    This high-quality bamboo charcoal burns clean and long and allows the pure essence of your herbs and resins to shine.

    Before there were incense sticks, powders, and cones, Neolithic people would burn aromatic herbs and resins in their religious rites. In all magical-spiritual work, incense figures prominently in work where you want to imbue the self or the environment with a certain quality, such as cleansing, prosperity, love, and so forth.

    It’s surprisingly simple to create your own personal blend of magical incense. Hold the charcoal with tweezers, hold it over a lighter, or I prefer to use the stove or candle until it ignites, and then place it on a ceramic or heat-resistant dish. Allow white ash to form, then place your choice of herbs, roots, and resins on top.

    Qty: 4 Pieces

    Measures 7/8″ x 1/2″ x 1/4″
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    the charcoal is a very unique style...very longlasting....very high quality insence burning piece....I am totally lost in the idea of the burners....they are exceptional...thank you