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Wish Dragon Beeswax Candle


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    Dragon Candles are used to connect with higher energies at all times. They connect us with energies that can help us in this physical existence.

    These candles create magick for the body and the soul to better assimilate the lessons learned on Earth. Rituals with/for Dragons should be performed with extreme dignity and honor for life.

    Dragons are all about life and love and are often called on as guardian spirits. They make exceptional allies who can be called on in times of need, for protection or guidance.

    Dragon Magick, like all magick, is made up in its base form from the five main elements that exist throughout the known universe, Fire, Wind, Earth, Air, and Spirit. When using Dragon Magick you are in fact calling forth an element in its Dragon form. Each element and its Dragon has certain magickal qualities, moods, and purpose. Male and female dragons may appear to represent any element, however, Fire and Air are positive energies while Water and Earth are negative energies. It is a form of magick reaching the essence, the wisdom of the Dragons.

    Ways to use this candle:
    Dress the candle with the appropriate spiritual oil, dust it with the appropriate herbs and then burn the candle.

    Use these 100% beeswax candles in rituals for power or as offerings.

    Red for passionate love
    Pink for romance or friendship
    Black for banishing or protection
    Green for fertility or prosperity
    Blue for healing
    Purple for power and mastery
    Yellow for fame or happiness
    Orange for removing blocks
    White for blessings or any other purpose.

    6" Tall x 1.5" Width x 1.5" Deepth
    Burn time: 4 hours
    100% pure beeswax
    Cotton wick - lead-free
    Fragrance Free
    Handcrafted in the USA

    Note: Colors of the candles are neon which may not reflect accurately on the image.