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6 Wish Knob Beeswax Candle


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    These Kabbalistic Six Knob Candles are used for powerful six-day spell work. Six in kabbalah is the number of pure love, the heart center. It connects us to our inner child and assists in the healing of the wounded child.

    Access the power of six! Six Knob Candles are burned over the course of six days to bring in six wishes or intentions or give six times the power to a single intention. Choose a color that aligns with your intent.

    Ways to use this candle:

    With a nail, knife, or another implement, inscribe your six different wishes related to your intention (for example, six aspects of the love that you are inviting in or six things that you are going to do with your money); or inscribe the same wish six times to give it six times the power.

    Use these 100% beeswax candles in rituals for power or as offerings.

    Red for passionate love
    Pink for romance or friendship
    Black for banishing or protection
    Green for fertility or prosperity
    Blue for healing
    Purple for power and mastery
    Yellow for fame or happiness
    Orange for removing blocks
    White for blessings or any other purpose.

    8" tall
    Burn time: 7 hours
    100% pure beeswax
    cotton wick - lead-free
    Handcrafted in the USA

    Note: Colors of the candles are neon which may not reflect accurately on the image.