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Lord Ganesh Beeswax Candle


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    Work with Lord Ganesha candle when you need blessings in new beginnings, to remove obstacles and blessings in general. Ganesha bestows success, victory, prosperity, material comfort, romance, love, better sex, and supernatural powers and skills. Ganesha is a generous, sympathetic spirit, quick to bestow favors.

    Ganesha is the Lord of entrances, thresholds, and crossroads. Let him guard your door. Ganesha is happy to be venerated along with other deities. Ganesha heals physical, spiritual, emotional ills, has the power to liberate from the karma of past lives and he is invoked for children by the childless.

    If you would like to work with Ganesha (or any spirit or deity, for that matter). I recommend that you first ask the spirit if you may work together. If the answer is a yes, you will be given some sort of sign. For those who ask to work with Ganesha, I have heard many different possibilities of signs - seeing Hindu imagery, seeing elephants or other royal words or items, and so on. Ganesh is particularly attracted to working with those who seek healing, protection and new beginnings.

    Use these 100% beeswax candles in rituals for power or as offerings and petitions to Ganesh.

    Red for passionate love
    Pink for romance or friendship
    Black for banishing or protection
    Green for fertility or prosperity
    Blue for healing
    Purple for power and mastery
    Yellow for fame or happiness
    Orange for removing blocks
    White for blessings or any other purpose.

    4" tall
    Burn time: 4 hours
    100% pure beeswax
    cotton wick - lead-free
    Handcrafted in the USA

    Note: Colors of the candles are neon which may not reflect accurately on the image.